Friday, July 27, 2012

Martika - Flow With The Go

I love Martika. I have since I was a child watching her on Kids Inc. I remember having her cassettes for both albums in the 90s and I have purchased them both on CD as an adult. I think she is an amazing talent that should be a superstar on the same level as Madonna or other 80s icons.  I think there is so much more to her than "Toy Soldiers" because she isn't a one hit wonder.  She is an actual pop star with a ton of great material under her belt.  So you don't know how happy I am to hear a new song from her. I've now found her on Facebook and Twitter and followed her and I have listened to the new song, "Flow With The Go".

I want more from her.  The song is bubbly and poppy.  It's a bit bilingual which is very cool.  It's super fast and I think will sound amazing in clubs. I think we are going to get more and I know that the quality of the music is going to get better. I think this track is showing that she is still relevant. And the video shows that she is more than relevant. She is still sexy after all these years and can do anything she damn well pleases. I can't wait for more music from her and I hope that she has outstanding success because she deserves it.

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