Friday, July 20, 2012

Kendall - Don't Even Know You're A Vampire

When I saw Kendall teasing at the title of this track, I found myself making a bit of an audible groan because I didn't want his creativity and talent wasted on a bandwagon.  What I should have done instead was just trust in the fact that he wouldn't let me down.  What I am going to say about this track to begin with is, "Holy shit!"  This track is fantastic.  I love how it's a departure from a lot of the other tracks we have become accustomed to lately and is a full on darkwave track.  I think that we all have experienced a night where no matter what we did, it felt like it would never end.  Be it for the good or bad, those nights are the ones that are the most vivid in our memories.  Something has changed so subtly and you aren't sure what it is but it causes enough stress to disrupt your life.  You try to get back to who you were but you continue losing sleep over it.  I love the delivery of the message in this track.  The video showcases Kendall beautifully and is quickly becoming one of my favoites.  (Hip Hop Dykes will always be my favorite though)

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