Monday, July 2, 2012

Diamond Rings - I'm Just Me

There are times when I need to remember this. "I'm Just Me" has an anthemic quality that touts the virtues of just being yourself. It doesn't matter what else you are or what you do, none of that matters as long as you are who you are. You don't have to be anything for anyone, just be yourself. The video is bright and shiny and full of synth-style visuals. Think "Shock The Monkey" by Peter Gabriel and you are on the right path for the foundation

This track is the upcoming single off the Diamond Rings new album and since it's just been released there isn't a lot in the way of detail for the album.  As soon as I hear something, you know you'll be the first to know.  If this is going to be the direction he is going, then I certainly want to go to there with him. I am a fan of the big chorus and the over the top vocal stylings but then again, I was already a fan. It's a great song with an even better message and I hope that he is able to start expanding his fan base with this track.

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