Monday, July 23, 2012

Meet Twitch The Ripper

By now, you know I have an unwavering love for all things Synth Pop.  I can't get enough of the stuff.  I like it from all countries around the world and I especially love it when it's grown in the good old U S of A.  Not that I am uber patriotic but I want American artists to be as inspired to make kick ass music as the rest of the world.  So imagine my surprise when I come across a new act from Connecticut known as Twitch The Ripper.  Not only are they awesome Americanos, but the guys (like a few of my other favorite groups - Zelliack, Gravitonas) come from totally different backgrounds than that of a synth pop duo.

So I'm cruising on Facebook and I get an advert telling me to go to their page.  I surf around for a bit then start looking for the goods.  The music.  The hotness.  I stream their first single, "Strange Behavior" off their Soundcloud and immediately start following them on all the social media.  If they had a Friendster account, I'd be all about it too.  I get done being all stalkery and run over to their record label's website to snatch up a preorder of their debut album, Colorblind that will be released on August 18.

People have said they sound like a lot of different artists, I can hear some Depeche Mode/Information Society in the track.  I hear some Erasure/Squeeze/Pet Shop Boys with a dash of Morrisey in the vocals.  I hope the rest of the debut album is this good because I am super excited to hear it...but not in the restraining order type of way.  Local, small groups are the way to go in most cases because they support the fans as much as we support them.

Great job guys and I can't wait to hear more.

Twitch The Ripper on the Web
Twitter: @TwitchTheRipper

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