Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ice Choir - Everything Is Spoilt By Use

I keep coming back to this band over and over and I have not been let down yet.  I've described them as a New Romantic act and I think that's a pretty decent start to their sound and feel.  They are more than that though.  They aren't just a carbon copy of Spandau Ballet or Scritti Politti.  The ideas and the thoughts behind the tracks are current and new which makes them more than just an 80s synth band.  They have all the best parts of what was great about music back then.  It's dreamy and it's ethereal and it just floats.  There's nothing heavy about this song or the work the Brooklyn based band has created.

With the help of Caroline Polachek from Chairlift on vocals, Kurt Feldman has a proper balance to his voice that elevates this track to a new level.  Her voice is so easy.  It's as if you've heard it for years and years so it simply washes over you and is very comfortable.  The visuals in the video of everything wrapped up to keep it preserved is evocative of the themes the song presents. I think this is one of my favorite songs off their album, Afar and I'm glad it got a video.

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