Saturday, April 13, 2013

Daniel Oliver - Dj Blow My Speakers (Stormby Don't Stop Mix)

Elevation.  That's what Stormby does.  He takes an already amazing song and takes it to a higher place.  He has this way with manipulation of beats and synth and all the parts and pieces in between to make a song even greater.  In his latest mix, he takes Daniel Oliver's "DJ Blow My Speakers" from a super catchy dance pop song and creates a serious club banger.  He's pumped up the bassline with the equivalent of audio steroids and has fleshed out the backing track while making Daniel sound even better.  I think he could remix anything and create something new and fresh.  I hate to be this guy because normally I find myself on the side of the original source material, but I think that what Stormby has done here trumps the original.  Check it out and give me your thoughts.

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