Friday, April 19, 2013

Lexy and the Kill - We Can Dance Alone

It amazes me when I hear something this great and I see that the video has less than 10k hits because to my ears, this should be climbing the charts on it's way to total domination.  Actually take the time to listen to the song.  Hear the words and then tell me it's not fantastic.  It's all about that feeling of knowing that no matter what happens, you will always have someone by your side standing tall with you when the world is darkest.  It's the realization that as messed up as you are, there is someone out there that sees through all those faults and will be there.  It's basic and it's fundamental and it's set to an incredible beat and melody.  Lexy and the Kill are megastars in the making and you will be damn glad you know them now.  I want to hear more and more from them because they should be worthy of everyone's time.

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