Monday, April 8, 2013

Miriam Bryant - Push Play

The gorgeous voice behind the stellar song, "Finders Keepers", Miriam Bryant has released the video for her next single, "Push Play".  It's a video full of regret and 'should have beens'.  It's a beautiful video and the overall concept matches the song brilliantly.  They both work hand in hand to enhance the feelings evoked by Miriam's vocal.  I am a fan of hers and think she has a brilliant career ahead of her.  She certainly sings like she's been at this for much longer than she has.  It amazes me how these young stars have already amassed enough life experience to be able to put themselves into their music.

She's been quite busy since the release of "Finders Keepers", working with the likes of Tiesto and Zedd.  She has an album out in Scandinavia right now and I would love to get my hands on a copy to be able to review because I think she is one of the most powerful voices in the industry today.  Because of how big her overall presence is, I think she could hands down bring the trophy back to Sweden if she were to participate in Eurovision 2014.  Loreen in 2012, Miriam in 2014.  I'm down.  Where do I cast my vote?

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