Friday, April 12, 2013

Colton Ford - Let Me Live Again (Official Video)

My last post about Colton was well over a year ago and it was in fact, the debut of the audio for this track.  And now, he's back and has released the video for the song.  A video full of hypersexualized imagery that has come to be a standard in his videos.  The women are hot, the men are hotter but Colton outshines them all.  His ability to smolder is unparalleled and when you add his vocal abilities, this man can do no wrong.   It's a simple black and white treatment directed by Marco Ovando and doesn't require any set up.  Just push play and let the video do it's thing.

In my opinion, this video falls onto a very sharp double standard.  If you take Madonna and put her on stage with Britney and Christina it's totally ok for them to make out.  If you take Katy Perry and have her singing about a brief same gender tryst, it's perfectly fine.  But in today's climate, even with all the advances we as a community are making, this video is a hard sell for the Midwestern pop music consumer.  While the images are not vulgar or overly risque, the bottom line is that in a male driven society - it is far easier for images of female sexuality to be accepted than it is for two men.  I don't agree with this stand and I think it's bullshit but in the Red States, it's a fact of life.  I can't wait for the day to be able to turn on a music video channel and have this song or any song that pushes the boundaries of sexuality play loud and proud beside today's pop stars.  And when that day comes, I will proudly stand in support of it as I am now.

Back in 2011 when I initially wrote about this song, I said:
"How many times have you had a moment where you wish someone could see themselves the way you do. That's the vibe I get from the lyrics. Things were going ok, but now that I've met you...I have something to live for."
And I still feel that way about this song.  It's a great track and without warning you are swept up into the infectious rhythm.  Colton does work on this track and I after watching the video for the fifth time, I am living for it.  It amazes me that he has never once shied away from his past as an adult entertainer and in fact, he has used it to propel his recording career further.  Playing toward an existing fan base is never a dumb idea and he does an amazing job at just being comfortable in his own skin on screen.  A long time ago, I wrote about how I thought he was sullying himself by being so bare in his videos but it's an important part of his image.  I appreciate him as a vocalist first and foremost but I understand the business decision to shoot the videos the way they are done.  It's sexy, it's super masculine and it does a damn fine job of teetering on that line where it's almost too much but never tips over.

I want him to record more music because I love having him in my library and my life.  Watch the video, listen to the lyrics and buy the music.  He's an artist that deserves to be supported and I can't wait for the next chapter in his recording career.

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