Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DJ Antoine - Bella Vita

This track is about living "the beautiful life" and as such I imagine images of people doing things and going places that I will probably never go.  Gigantic parties on yachts, garden parties in the Napa Valley, private jets whisking young lovers off to Paris.  Those are the images I have in regards to "Bella Vida" and I am sure that everyone has their own particular brand of what is and what isn't the beautiful life.  The song is a pretty a fun song that can easily have you bobbing along with it but I think where I have a problem with it comes from the treatment given to the video.  I totally get the idea they were going for.  Showing different people in different situations living their beautiful life but with DJ Antoine driving around in his teleporting Mercedes, I think the message gets kind of lost because he seems like he is just on the outside of it all and then to come home and have a smoke, it seems very lonely to me.  What I would have loved to have seen, however, is Antoine in St.Tropez partying with beautiful people as the track thunders in the background.  It's a dance song but trying to pull a humanitarian vibe out of the video was a misstep.  Give me Ibiza and sun and sand and people dancing their asses off instead it just comes off as a Mercedes commercial.  I like the song a lot.  It's super bouncy and it sticks with you long after you've listened to it, I just wish the video was stonger.

Antoine is a Swiss House and electro DJ.  He has produced remixes for Mary J. Blige, P.Diddy, Pitbull, Cindy Lauper, Robin S and produced songs for  Timati, Snoop Dogg, DJ Smash and Bob Sinclar.  He is one of Europe's most booked stars and has won several awards including The Swiss Music Award for "Best Album Dance National".  He's released 10 albums with his latest, The Sky's The Limit due out April 30, 2013 on Ultra Records.

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