Saturday, February 2, 2013

Missing Andy - Acoustic EP

In a prelude of their new album (that's not coming out soon enough), Missing Andy have recorded an acoustic EP - cleverly titled Acoustic EP.  It's 4 tracks that you can get at your favorite online music retailer.  The theme of the songs are varied enough that if you wanted a quick way to explain to someone who and what Missing Andy are, you have the ability to do it with this EP.  That being said, you have to make sure that you go ahead and explain they are so much more than this but it's a helluva jumping off point. Alex sounds amazing.  I think his voice is tailored for any type of singing - which doesn't work out so well for a most artists.  "It's Over" is a brilliant break up song that is amazingly written and sung.  I talked about it here -----> Link so I won't spend much time on it.  "Young Disciple" and "Mr. Policeman" show of their talent at storytelling, which they do an tremendous job of doing.  "Slip Away" is this great piano number that is just this tender tune about running away and getting away from it all.

It's an incredible EP and it's only $4 so go get it.  They are one of my favorite bands and I want them to have as much commercial success as possible.  You can buy it here and listen to samples of the tracks.  They really deserve the support.  I promise.

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