Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blake Lewis - Your Touch

I only have 3 people from American Idol that I could give a damn about.  Kelly Clarkson, Phillip Phillips and Blake Lewis.  I think Blake is one the most talented artists to come out of any competition based show, ever.  In the first single off his 3rd album, Portrait of a Chameleon, Blake treats us to some pretty serious beats.  The track is a perfect compliment to his vocal styling.  It's hard edged and fresh and his delivery is never overpowered.  It's a very current song and if the right people get behind it, it could take him places.

He's signed on with a new record label which makes me very hopeful for him.  I have always wanted amazing things for him and I hope he finally starts getting the recognition he deserves.  This song was also chosen for the new Internet Explorer 10 campaign so that's pretty cool.  This track will be available March 10 and the album not too far after that,.

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