Monday, February 11, 2013

Bright Light Bright Light - Your Loving Arms

It's astounding what the change in an arrangement can do.  When you hear the track with the alterations, it can either make an impression or it can leave you shaking your head at what the producer was trying to do.  Bright Light Bright Light never ceases to amaze me with how he hears a track.  His world must be filled with such creative energy it's immeasurable.  What he's done with Billie Ray Martin's club banger is a work of genius.  It's taken this song that was on one end of the emotional spectrum and tilt shifted it and sent it to the other end.  What your left with is this forlorn and heart-achingly beautiful ode to that one person that can make everything better. Slowing it down and removing all the production has created something so much greater than it was before.  And I say, Bravo.  Keep doing what you're doing Mr. Thomas.

Here's the original if you were curious.

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