Friday, January 4, 2013

Missing Andy - It's Over

The lads in Missing Andy spent the better part of today teasing fans and getting them worked up into a frenzy for some much anticipated new tracks from their upcoming release, Guerrilla Invasion, Part 1 - which is going to be a double album and I can't wait.  Alex's face in this video as he is singing is incredible.  He's not phoning it in, he is actually singing this song like it matters and it does; matter that is.  The song captures an emotion that not everyone has had to deal with and a decision that can't be taken lightly.  When you actually decide that it's time to take everything that isn't working any more and do away with it because your sanity is more important; it's not something that should be taken lightly or even hurried through.  It's heart wrenching and hard and awkward and sad but it has to be done.  And they have taken all of that and turned it into an incredible song that is going to speak right to the heart of a ton of their fans.

If this is what I'm to expect from a double album then sign me up.  Hell, sign me up twice because this is brilliant.  Having this band in my life has been so huge because of their message and the power they put into every song.  It makes me sad that they aren't bigger int the United States.  I want them to be massive.  I want them to be mega stars headlining their own concert series.  They are brilliant artists and deserve to be heard.

Listen to this track and tell me I'm wrong.  I dare you.

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