Monday, February 4, 2013

Nathalie Archangel - Next To Me (Official video)

When the quality of the song is high enough, you don't need a flashy video to make it more than what it is.  The idea behind this song of having that special person with you, throughout the good and the bad times, is what's important.  Knowing that you are going to get through the rough patches when things aren't as steady as they could be.  What I love the most about this video is seeing the couples in it.  There weren't any models or people that are totally unobtainable.  They were real people with real love to share with their friends and lovers.  That's what makes this video better than anything produced by Spike Jonze or choreographed by all star choreographers.  It's real and it's honest, like the thought and the sentiment behind the song.

I did a write up on the track way back in September and you can read what I had to say then by clicking here.

It's one of my restorative songs that I listen to when the world has beaten me around the head because it restores my faith in what could be and really should be.

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