Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rowsy Bosch feat. Jeb Havens - Take Me Back

I have a feeling spot that's about the size of Texas. Because it's so big, it takes something super powerful to hit me and make me feel the feels. This video and song do just that. I've already talked about Jeb's ability to serve you Vulnerable Realness and he does that and so much more in this song.  I don't understand why he isn't signed to a major label because his voice is beautiful and has this ability to carry so much emotion.  You don't even have to watch the video to know exactly what he's feeling.  There aren't many artists that have an authentic ability to convey what he can in less than 5 minutes.

There's no flashy production or big story to be told with the video, just Jeb emoting.  That's all there should be.  The combination of Jeb's vocals and Oliver Voigt's production are flawless and they can absolutely deliver the goods.  Their EP, Corrilatos is available wherever you get your digital products.

Rowsy Bosch feat. Jeb Havens
Twitter: @rowsybosch

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