Friday, February 8, 2013

Fitz and the Tantrums - Out of My League

Change.  It's important, it's inevitable, it's constant.  We have to have it in order to grow and mature and become something more than just creatures in a state of perpetual stagnation.  Fitz and crew proved they could totally rock the blues/rock vibe on their first album and with the release of the official audio for the lead single off their next project, they have made a stylistic leap into new territory.  It's still full of amazing Fitz moments.  The piano, the syncopation, Noelle's harmonies and Fitz's amazing vocals.  If you aren't bobbing along by like the :25 second mark, we probably can't be friends.  This is such a killer sound.  It just builds and builds and creates this pretty perfect storm of a song.  I think I am going to really enjoy the second album if there is more that sounds like this.  I've listened to it over and over now and I am really really impressed.

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  1. *happy sigh* I knew there was a reason we were friends. One problem I find myself having (not that it's really a problem) is that because of wonderful bits of joy like this one, I'm having an increasingly difficult time listening to the radio. There's an awful lot of stuff that is being churned our that hurts my ears and grates my nerves. Thank you for posting gems that don't do that.