Friday, February 8, 2013

Fitz and the Tantrums - Out of My League

Change.  It's important, it's inevitable, it's constant.  We have to have it in order to grow and mature and become something more than just creatures in a state of perpetual stagnation.  Fitz and crew proved they could totally rock the blues/rock vibe on their first album and with the release of the official audio for the lead single off their next project, they have made a stylistic leap into new territory.  It's still full of amazing Fitz moments.  The piano, the syncopation, Noelle's harmonies and Fitz's amazing vocals.  If you aren't bobbing along by like the :25 second mark, we probably can't be friends.  This is such a killer sound.  It just builds and builds and creates this pretty perfect storm of a song.  I think I am going to really enjoy the second album if there is more that sounds like this.  I've listened to it over and over now and I am really really impressed.