Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Instamatic - Fifty Yards

I received a notification this morning that someone had started following me on SoundCloud.  Logging into the app, I see it's a band called Instamatic.  I pick on of their tracks, "Fifty Yards" and start listening.  "This synth is pretty cool", I think.  The intro is in full swing and it keeps building and building.  I really dig what I hear.  It would be so cool if there were vocal....wait, what is this?!?! Super moody, ephemeral vocals that are the epitome of amazingly cool?  Why yes they are.  I need more.  Shut up and listen.  There are so many influences I can hear in the track but none of it is imitation or stolen.  It's all subtle and nuanced and it's new and exciting and some of the best synth pop I've heard in a LONG time.

Let me look at their tracks.  They have one called "Jiggawatts"?  That has to be incredible just because of the title.  This is so freaking cool.  I am loving this.  The combination of the crazy synth and the vocals are winning me over.  Ok, let's check them out on Facebook.  They're from Philly, that's awesome.  I wonder...HOLY Crap...they've done shows with City Rain.  How did I not know this.  They are the coolest group ever.  They play their own instruments on stage as well?!? I'm running out of interrobangs at this point.

Instamatic is a Philadelphia based synth pop group that have released an amazing 3 track EP on BandCamp called, Wrapped in Wires.  It is simply inspired.  If you are a fan of Depeche Mode, New Order, Nizer Ebb, Bauhaus, Duran Duran, Apollo 440, a little Carl Cox and so many other incredible artists, you are going to go head over heels for these guys.  It's brilliant production and it will just make you say, Damn!!

So go follow them on all the medias.  Go buy their EPs on BandCamp.  Yes you can put in zero dollars but don't be a dick  They make amazing art that deserves to be be bought.  Buy it.  Make them huge because that's where they deserve to be.

Instamatic on the Web

Twitter: @instamaticband

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