Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Thailah - Joy

First let's talk about this beat. It's very reminiscent of tribal percussion that pull you in and keeps you right where you need to be. It's the perfect vehicle for Thailah (pronounced Ty-la) to float over top of with vocal stylings very similar to Lily Allen or Cher Lloyd and those are two of my favorite young British artists. I like that her voice has swagger and an edge to it. I think aside from her accent sliding out every so often, that's what I like the most, the fact that there's a raw edge to her voice. And I'll continue to say it over and over, there has to be something interesting and new to a voice in order to cut through the noise of ALL the other artists out there wanting attention and Thailah has it. She has it in spades.

Listening to the lyrics on this track makes me think about my own life. Makes me think about people being careless with my time and my emotions because they can. Makes me realize more about me than this afro-tinged bop would when you take a surface look at it. You start thinking about how people use you to make them feel better about themselves and that doesn't lead to anything positive or good. It generally leaves you used and abused in an emotional heap on the floor but there of us out there that do it over and over because in the long run, we kind of have to be there for those people because no one else will.

Finding her has added another set of songs to add to my summer bangers. It doesn't matter if it's this song or her other singles; "Sweet", "Bad Manners", or "Glitch" because this Londoner has created a life long fan in me. The production is slick for the style of pop music she's creating. It's like an overcast day when you're outside and you don't realize that you need sunscreen. It's drinking fruity alcoholic beverages and getting hooked on the sweet before you realize you're already knees deep in a bender. It's that feeling of being delivered a message before you know what's hit you. It's coming back on listen four or five and honing in on those lyrics and relating to the music more deeply than you thought you would.

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