Thursday, June 6, 2019

Matracia - Slow

I ran across a Twitter post pointing out this song and decided to take a chance and am damn glad that I did. I am unfamiliar with Dylan Matracia as an artist but I guarantee that I'm going to spend time getting to know him. The lo-fi, Twin Shadow, shoe gazey vibe of this song is a complete mood and this video just is amazing. Echoing that lo-fi, David Lynch-esque art house aesthetic, the video follows what appears to be a romance that ends in the potentially untimely death of one of the partners.

Dylan's languid and mercurial vocal stylings fill the space with an atmospheric calm that is reminiscent of relationships we've all had. There's a lazy, ease at which he works. He's not forcing anything and he's not rushing it. When he gets to where he needs to go, sonically, he'll be there. There's nothing laborious about this. There's nothing overproduced. It's just easy. It's exactly what I needed for this song and video to be. The visuals are stunning and the cinematography is great. Both Dylan and Benwa Kramer (his hirsuite love interest) play off of each other exceedingly well and there is chemistry between the two of them that's tangible. You feel a bit voyeuristic watching their time play out. There's enough there to want to know more. There's a story behind all this and it's one that would be very cool to see play out.

I like his style and what he evokes. It makes me want to be more invested in his story and his progression as an artist. He's having a good time creating art and you can feel it in the music. Even though this song is under 3 minutes long, it's all it needs to be and it gives you exactly what you need to get you to where he wants you to go. I want to spend more time with his music and get to know more about him as an artist.

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