Friday, June 28, 2019

Sour - Waiting for You

There are a few musical tropes that get me. Singing in staccato is one of those and when it's used properly it's as versatile as a punctuation mark. With both the track and Connar's vocals, they absolutely know how to properly utilize this from the sticky slap bass to the pre-chorus where Connar just drives the song forward note by note. Sour is creating pop music that isn't exactly right. It's a bit broken like most of us out there. It's flawed and a bit darkly emotive and I think it fits perfectly in today's musical climate. Connar's vocal stylings are very reminiscent of Marc Almond and Jimmy Somerville and whether he realizes it or not, just by being; he's paying homage to two of the greatest storytellers and vocalists of all time.

"Waiting for You" is a song that touches a place in our lives where we are in love with someone deeply and madly but we can't help them get to the place they need to be in order to be the proper partner. It's a rough lesson to learn when you realize you can't care about someone more than they care about themselves and you have to let them do it all on their own. Sure, we can be supportive and we can help be a guiding light through the darkness but someone never grows and learns unless they fight the fight on their own. We fall down so we can learn to get back up again. That's what this song means to me. That's what I pull from this. We want so desperately to be the person we know we can be to bring as much to the table as we can in a relationship but our partners have to do their part and we can't fight our battles while we are fighting theirs for them.

In the same breath, while we are waiting on our partner we can sometimes be caught in the middle of their healing and growth and it can take a strong person to take the emotional roller coaster they can inflict on us. Suffering the slings and arrows and all that can lead to a lot of feelings we have to unpack. We can develop our own self destructive methods of coping with their healing all the while we keep telling them we'll wait, no matter what. Relationships can be hard. They shouldn't be. They shouldn't feel like work and a lot of times, if they are; then perhaps an evaluation is in order.

This is a pretty special song. Another in the list of songs that Sour have created that have resonated deeply with me. I think these men are important in the music they're creating and they're going to continue to grow an international fan base if they keep releasing songs like this.

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