Friday, June 28, 2019

Hessam - Getaway

Simplicity. There are more times than not that we don't even come close to that. There are times when we get so wrapped up in making sure there's a place for everything we forget to edit and we are left with something that simply overwhelms us. That's not what's happened with the newest single from Swedish-Persian singer, Hessam. In his new track, "Getaway", Hessam is supported by the most miniscule amount of synth and a guitar and it's brilliant. It's a beautiful love song about supporting that person that means the most to you. Even if you don't actually get to run away and hop on a boat to Mexico; the idea of it with that person sometimes makes the difference between a horrible day and a day that makes you smile.

The minimal production on the song is exactly the treatment it needs. It's simple and it's easy. And that's was a love song should be. Nothing too over the top. Nothing overwrought with production. It does harken back to a much simpler time in music where it didn't take an army of songwriters and producers to make an outstanding track. His voice is clear and it resonates. It carries the meaning of the song in a beautiful manner and it's pure and it's good. I want to hear much more from him because I think he's wonderful.

What you need to do is find you a person like Hessam. A person that supports you and loves you unconditionally and knows that even though the day has been complete rubbish that he's going to be there for you. He's going to grab his guitar and serenade you until you smile and laugh that laugh you do when you see the light in his eyes. This song fills me with hope and it makes me close my eyes and let myself get washed away in the images he's painting. I adore his voice and think it's incredible that you don't hear much in the way of audio clean up on the vocals. I want to hear more from him. I want to hear his perspective and his point of view because I feel like it's unique to his upbringing and the environment he was nurtured in.

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