Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Liquid Diet - Looking for Love

Subversive, sexy, sultry. This song is so much more than a sexy romp through anonymous sex. This song is about connection on a much deeper level but it's disguised as something super sexy and slick. Liquid Diet has always been one of my favorite groups because they don't play by anyone's rules but their own. "Looking for Love" is a new single off their remix EP, Double Life: Sloppy Seconds and you can get it anywhere but you should click here to go get it. Billy's voice is so suited for this as it goes down just like syrup...it's warm, it's sweet and it's sticky and I LIVE for it.  The most telling portion of this song...the part that takes this from a one night stand to friends with benefits is when he says,

"Blindfold me / Scold me / Don't try to hold me / That was the old me
Pursue me / Subdue me / Just use me til you find the new me"
This is the connection that I'm talking about. This is what elevates this song. It's the meaning behind these words. It's seeing yourself in a manner in which you're growing and learning and needing to be part of something bigger than yourself and you're willing to move from one experience to another as you grow and be part of it all. Even if that means wading through a myriad of Mr and Misses Right Nows. I think we do that a lot. We long for that touch. That electricity that makes us feel alive and in a culture of ordering up exactly what you need via app, it makes it easier and easier to stave off the long, lonely nights at times. We all have an intrinsic need to be part of it all and rendezvous after rendezvous is a way in which we can do that. Sexual liberation is needed more today than ever and in a world of pansexual polyamory, there's no better time than today than to learn as much as you can about yourself.
I don't know if the production design was done this way on purpose but the colors in the video make me think of the bisexual pride flag shifting from reds to purples and I think it's incredible. I like the darkness he uses with the bearded dancer. I think there is a color study in what it means to be sexually fluid and if this wasn't the purpose, then maybe they can take credit for it. We don't live in a binary world anymore and it's so important for that to be represented across the board. Billy is a beautiful soul and this video makes me adore him that much more. The visuals are amazing. From being seduced by his female costar to the bevy of beautiful boys he dances with. I like the spanking bit as I think exploration needs to be normalized much more and the fact that he shares that with both partners makes me smile a lot. I think this is probably one of my favorite tracks by Liquid Diet and if this is the quality of content they're going to put out, I NEED more music from Billy, Jonny, and Georgia. Shit the world ALWAYS needs more Georgia Haege. I damn sure know I do.

Support this group. They're important. They make important music. It's potentially easy to write them off as a gimmick but they are far more than that. Music and art challenges us. It makes us feel and that's exactly what they do. They evoke thoughts, feelings and emotions in us that we may not have thought of. The world is in dire need of more free thinking creative at the helm and it's damn time they release more music.

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more. I love LD's music. Give me more