Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ninthwave Records - Kiss My Lipstick Off (Track-by-Track)

This album does something incredible.  It takes these 11 songs that shouldn't work together and by the sheer nature of the project they all come together into this amazing compilation of anthemic empowering songs that will have you bouncing along before you know it.  This album could easily be imagined as a fall fashion line.  All the tracks have their own individual style and work great on their own but bring them all together and you have something more powerful and the individual parts.  I am a fan of everything about this album; the songs, the track order, the selection of artists... all of it.  I don't think a better album could have been created.

1.  "Kiss My Lipstick Off"
Georgia Haege of Liquid Diet kicks off this incredible compilation with the scorching title track, "Kiss My Lipstick Off".  It's an incredibly cheeky single and the perfect way to let you know what's to come in the next  40 minutes.

2.  "You Can Always Come Home"
England's Synthpop duo, Spray pick up the reins next with "You Can Always Come Home", an awesome reminder that no matter where you are in your journey there will always be a place for you.  The song kind of lampoons itself with a bit of sarcastic wit and self deprecation that adds a sense of honesty and it doesn't matter if things are the way they should be or if life has just given you the boot, there is a place for you.

3.  "Twisted"
Producer extraordinaire Stormby is up with "Twisted" featuring the vocals of Roz.  This is his second release with Roz and it's brilliant.  Much like "In Dreams" both producer and vocalist use their amazing talents to produce a track that for lack of better words, leaves you twisted.

4.  "XTC"
Liz Primo takes the album up a notch with this track.  The bass line throbs and pulsates behind her super sexy voice.  There's no way you're not moving along with this track.  It's a helluva dance track that adds a sense of danger to the album.  I have come to believe that's Liz's middle name, Danger, because she has a quality to her music that is a bit unsafe, like a bit of rough trade.

5.  "Next To Me"
The song that I want to play for the person I decide to spend the rest of my life with brings the album back from being dangerous follows Liz and reminds us that even a 20 year hiatus can't stop the magic that is Nathalie Archangel.  Her voice is as solid today as it was in the 80s and I feel as critically acclaimed as ever. This song is the musical equivalent of sitting on a porch swing with your love drinking coffee on a Sunday monrning.

6.  "Make You Sorry"
In what starts as a ballad-y type of track, Swedish rocker Teresia quickly throws that notion away and cranks up the revenge machine.  Karma is a bitch and now so am I because you pushed me to it.  The lyrics are as sharp as the blade she used to pop your tires and you better just back away slowly before you make it worse.

7.  "Baby, Run! Run!"
Another entry into the "Get the hell out of here" section of the album, Carina Lirola  is just giving you a friendly piece of advice and it's to your benefit to just run.  The amount of synth in this song is incredible.  It's Dale Bozzio meets Julie Brown and it's gorgeous.  Probably one of my favorite tracks on the album.

8.  "Rise of Venus"
Girl power reigns supreme on this track.  It's one part new age meets one part synth with a bit of astrology wrapped up in a neat little package.  This is Chelsea Chavis' first commercial release and if she continues this way, it shouldn't be her last.  With artists like Sky Ferreria, Grimes and Charlie XCX paving the way, Chelsea has an awesome place waiting for her. I could easily see her sharing the stage with Neon Hitch, in a very gypsy style concert like Nomads across America.

9.  "Frozen People"
We'll take a bit of gypsy pop and throw some glitch and wub in it to create something new with Doomsday Affair's addition to the album.  It's a bit dub and it's brings a bit of darkness with.  I am a fan of Darkwave and Olivia has a bit of Ellie Goulding to her voice that is totally set off by the strings and the electronica.  I am a fast fan of this group.

10. "Yesterday's Tomorrows"
My favorite chanteuse is up next and it's gorgeous.  I love Jane Badler and this mix, "Stormby's Drama Mix" takes a brilliant single and amps it up to Alexis and Crystal levels of drama.  Jane has such a presence to her that just draws you in and demands your attention.  When she takes the stage, you will watch her because she is dazzling.

11.  "Bubblegum"
The album comes to a close with Jamie Lovett's ode to being done wrong.  But it's not a cry in your drink song.  It's empowered and it's a bit angry and it's a great way to close things out.  I really dig her voice and want to hear more from her.

Kiss My Lipstick Off is available at all major music outlets or you can pick up the individual singles on Amazon or iTunes.  I say get the whole damn thing because you will be entertained from start to finish.  This is probably going to go into heavy rotation in my library because it all just works together in an incredible way.

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