Thursday, October 11, 2012

Imani Coppola - Ava Maria

"Whose shirt is this?  Is it his or mine or mine or his?"

Imani Coppola has been a musical pioneer for almost 20 years now.  When she wanted to do things her way, she released her albums independently with no backing from a label and now she has a new album coming out soon called The Glass Wall and from what I've heard so far, it's going to be crazy.  The third track to be released is "Ava Maria", a sort of tongue-in-cheek play on whether or not the potential man of her dreams is gay or European.  A mystery that has set the world on fire for years.  It's a great track with all the trappings of an incredible pop track.  It's got some bite to it and I think it's going to get a tremendous amount of club play.  The heavy guitar riff plays right off Imani's vocals and forces the song through while the hand claps make it super easy to just bounce along with.  It's cheeky enough to stand on it's own two feet without being cheesy.

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