Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shiny Toy Guns - Fading Listening

My obsession with Shiny Toy Guns is becoming pretty severe. Like they are rapidly becoming a huge part of my musical go-to-artists, you know the ones that no matter how crappy you feel, as soon as you throw on a track; things start to look up. So their new album III came out today and from what I've heard on my first run through, the band is back to being the amazing group they were with We Are Pilots. When I initially started writing about them, I wanted to ride the fence between Carah Faye and Sisely but as time has gone on, it is clear to me that Carah Faye is the only way to go.  Season of Poison wasn't a horrible album but it was too different from their first outing and getting back to (what I feel they do best) what they do best, III is nothing but pure Synth Pop to the absolute max and I love every minute of it.  Here is a bit of a sneak to tide you over until I come back with my full write up.

It's a super cute concept for the video using the kids in place of the band but sometimes I need to see that band I am watching.  Carah Faye sounds amazing in this song.  She is channeling some serious Christine McVie meets Stevie Nicks and there is just a bit of Bryan Ferry in Chad's vocals.  I love every minute of this track and there are even more amazing examples of how this group has grown and matured.  I am so happy that Carah Faye is back behind this microphone where she belongs and I will have a full review of the album as soon as I am done with my second pass through.  Until then, enjoy "Fading Listening" and get ready for some amazing music from these guys.

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