Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Walk The Moon - Tightrope

Cincinnati's Walk The Moon does a helluva job explaining why I don't go outside in their video for "Tightrope".  Simply....the outside is out to get me.  I know it is and this video is a manifesto as to how it would do it.  But seriously, it's a super fun video for a super fun track.  This was the first song that I heard from them which led me to get the album and I was instantly hooked.  Spin Magazine says they are "Art-Rock" and if that's the case then I am a fan of this genre.  The album is what I consider to be the perfect blend of Synth Pop and Indie Rock.  The lyrics are fun and the choruses are catchy but more than that, the songs are well put together and crafted impeccably.  Take a look at the video and see if you aren't immediately hooked. 

Edit: If this how they sound live....count me in.  I mean hot damn!!!

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