Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Daniel Bedingfield - Secret Fear

If anyone other than Daniel Bedingfield recorded this video, the nudity would have been done just for sensationalism but it's well documented how Daniel feels about his body and how this video is nothing more than an extension of the song and of him.  I think it's an incredible video that hows how the secrets he's been keeping from not only his lover but himself have created nothing but tumult in their lives and how if he continues to keep them locked away it's going to lead to disaster.  I think it's a beautifully shot video and the concept is great.  Watch it now on youtube before it gets taken down for the nudity.  This is one of my favorite tracks off his EP, Stop the Traffik/Secret Fear and I think the emotion it is able to evoke is amazing.  What do you think about this video?

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