Wednesday, October 10, 2012

P!nk - Try

This is one of my favorite songs off the new album.  I think the emotion in the song is only matched by Alecia's vocals.  I appreciate how much she's come into her own artist as the years have gone by.  From her work with Linda Perry to all of the other stops along the way on her journey, she has never left us out of her life, as it were.  This song to me is all about being responsible for carrying your own weight in a relationship.  Because if it is a partnership then it needs to be 50/50.  No ifs-ands-or buts about it.  The choreography is amazing and her partner, Colt Prattes does a helluva job supporting her when she needs it but she is amazing on her own and holds her own in this piece done by The Golden Boyz who have done amazing work with artists like Madonna, The Spice Girls, Brittney Spears and apparently every disco routine on America's Best Dance Crew.  So watch the video and hit me up with your comments.

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