Friday, January 20, 2012

Zelliack - Hargrove

What do you get when you allow every bit of you to be inspired and let your creativity just flow?  You get Hargrove by Zelliack.  This song has a bit of everything thrown in and all you can do is get swept up in the tide.  It's got Rythym and Blues.  It's got Funk. It's got Soul. And it has a cross between Salsa and a Bossanova.  And it just makes me want to throw my hands up and blame it all on the boogie.  It's a smart song that just makes you want to move.  It's a sexy song that makes you want to get down.  And it's a classy song that makes you want to have an Old Fashioned or a Martini with your best girl/guy. 

What makes this band even more exicting is knowing this is a side project consisting of Zack Ordway and Elliot Coleman,  two of the guys from Sky Eats Airplane.  If you aren't familiar with SEA, they are a pretty hardcore rock band that plays balls to the wall and has a damn good time doing it.  So to hear these smooth sounds coming out of Zelliack, it's kind of mind blowing at times.  As their versatility is so apparent, Zack and Elliot are pretty incredible.  They have an album coming out soon and you should run out and pick it up when it becomes available.

You should also become a fan of both bands on Facebook and you should support them any way you know how because they are worth your time.

Zelliack -
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