Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Meet Blue Heart Hour

I think the first thing you notice about Blue Heart Hour (aka Jessie F) is her voice.  It's lush, it's vivid and it's expressive.  In a vast sea of Electro-Pop artists ranging from Little Boots, Pixie Lott, La Roux and Ellie Goulding, Blue Heart Hour has what it takes to stand up beside them and give them a run for their money.  For me, she's a local girl residing in Nashville after bouncing across the globe and that makes me even more enamored with her because of how expansive her sound can be.

Her command over the elements that make up her sound are precise and decisive and she knows exactly what needs to be done to make her equipment hum and whir in the best possible.  Her lyrics are catchy and poppy and the songs are perfectly matched with all the content.  Her layering of tracks is impressive and you never get bored while listening to them.  You can hear the global influence in her tracks with a bit of down and dirty Drum & Bass from the European clubs mixed with more progressive house beats from New York or LA.  She currently has 3 tracks available on her Facebook and her ReverbNation page.  I need more from her because my whistle has been whetted.

If you are a fan of solid electropop and super strong female leads then you are going to definitely fall in love with Blue Heart Hour.  Support the Indie Artists because they are going to give you 150% of their all.

Main Website: http://bluehearthour.com/
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/bluehearthour
ReverbNation: http://www.reverbnation.com/bluehearthour

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