Thursday, January 12, 2012

Miles Fisher - Don't Let Go

Miles Fisher is an actor/musician born in Dallas Texas that got his break by posting several videos on youtube and landed several small supporting roles in numerous movies until he was cast in a leading role in Final Destination 5.  This is the third single off his self titled EP and the third full length music video for him as well.  In his first video for the song, "This Must Be The Place", he takes on the role of Patrick Batemen from American Psycho paying tribute to not only the iconic character but Christian Bale's spot on performance.  The next track, "New Romance" ties into Final Destination and skews Saved By the Bell with Miles conquering Zach Morris next.

With "Don't Let Go", Miles takes on his biggest challenge yet, a poisonous and disastrous relationship with Phoebe Tonkin even though he knows it's doing nothing but killing him.  The video is brutal in it's execution and you feel every well placed intention that goes astray.  Miles has a knack for delivering videos that are as creative as his tracks.  The cinematography and the overall video concept are incredible and it shows how regardless of how hard Miles fights to keep the relationship together there are forces fighting to tear it apart (that would be Phoebe).  To say these two aren't easy on the eyes would be an understatement and the stunning editing and story direction absolutely mirrors both of the stars.

He is has talent and the skill to make it as a recording artist on his own merits and his acting resume is continuing to grow.  You can purchase his EP on iTunes and it is well worth it for $3.  I love each of the videos for what they are but I think that I like this one the best because of how striking the visuals are.  His particular brand of  pop is amazing music and his original songs are full of win.  If you haven't given him a shot before now, you really should.

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