Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kendall - Living in My Headphones

I love hearing Kendall sing but I think he shines even brighter when he raps. His voice is amazing either way but there is a presence about his hip hop style that gives more weight and power to his words. I think it may be the staccato rhythm he deftly maneuvers around or it's his precise pronunciation and invocation of a verbal dialog. Living in My Headphones is one of the singles off his newly released album Truth Changes and it borders on profound. For me, its a song about being able to be in control in a world where nothing is in place. It's about taking back what is yours for just a few short minutes when you have no alternative. Everything is safe and righteous when you have to decompress and detach from a society that is far too connected.

The video is a perfect compliment to the song as it takes you through a new genesis of sorts all the way to images of corruption and societal unrest. It's been my belief for years that Kendall is an artist. Not someone that simply records music but someone that has to invoke a feeling in the audience. It doesn't matter what feeling he creates as long as you feel something. This, ladies and gentlemen, is nothing short of amazing in my eyes.

Truth Changes is out today on all major music outlets: iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby. If it was my choice I would tell you to get it through CD Baby because we love supporting the Indie Artists through Indie ventures. Nothing wrong with Amazon or iTunes, just like making sure the money goes where it should.

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