Sunday, November 27, 2011

Go Radio - Lucky Street

Generally Alt-Rock or Alt-Pop isn't my bag to review on this blog, I'll let other bloggers do it much better than I can because they can make better generalizations and correlations between other groups but I'm going to make an exception for Tallahassee based musical group Go Radio's debut album Lucky Street.  I first heard this when I saw the video for "Goodnight Moon" and was immediately hooked on Jason Lancaster's voice and his vocals.  I started doing more research and found the video for "Any Other Heart" and again, was smitten.  One of the things that impressed me the most and was mostly entrancing was I thought he was Irish.  If you listen to the way he enunciates words on "Any Other Heart" there is some definite brogue coming through and being as much as an anglophile as I am, I had to hear more.  Color me surprised to find out that the ex-guitarist/ex-vocalist of The Mayday Parade was an American, born and bred.

This album is full of high energy and it is easily sustained throughout all 13 tracks with an ease that most seasoned acts have a hard time pulling off.  There are a number of ballads intermixed throughout the set and it all comes together to make a pretty cool album.  The track, "Forever my Father" is pretty great considering it has Jason's siblings accompanying him on it.  It's a pretty emotional song and it's done really well.  "Goodbye Moon" is probably my favorite song on the album because it full of emotion and is just a pretty sweet song.

I'd recommend this album to anyone that is looking for a bit more rock in their pop collection.  I'd go see them in concert without hesitation.  They've made a spot in my MP3 player and they'll be there for a while.  Plus Jason's a ginger and I have a huge soft spot for gingers :)

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