Sunday, November 27, 2011

2Cellos - Smooth Criminal

For what this is, it's pretty damn amazing. It's 2 cellists taking a classical instrument and infusing new life into it and giving it some pretty far and wide stretching mass appeal.  I think it's amazing the talent these guys have but I don't know if  I could sit through an entire album much less a full concert.  They would have to get together will like some rock violinists or other members of the rock orchestral family and make a huge rock opera.  People online are saying they look like the Winchesters from Supernatural and I can see how they would say that.  The "Rock Face" they give during harder parts of the song cracks me up, but what else are they gonna do?  It's a fun track as is their cover of Guns and Roses, Welcome to the Jungle.

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