Monday, October 9, 2017

Tom Walker - Heartland

It takes at least 2 viewings of this video to appreciate it. I recommend more than that so you can appreciate the cinematography of the video on it's own as a mini-movie with a fully realized concept and then you need to watch it again just to focus on Tom Walker's incredible, soulful vocals. The video is full of tension as Tom appears to be an agent with nefarious connections and intentions but his plans go all pear shaped when he runs across our damsel in distress. He has a job to do. He's got something that has to be taken care of so he gets her to stay put while he completes the job. After leaving her, he makes the decision to take her to heart and choose her over the errand that he's supposed to complete. Going back to find her; she's no where to be found. Frantic, he goes back tot he places they've been together and can't find her. Just when he gives up; he opens the boot of the car and there she is hiding in plain sight.

I really feel the video reflects that song perfectly. It's soulful. It's gritty and it has heart and personality. I don't know much about Tom Walker but I do enjoy his voice. I enjoy what he's doing with music and I'll make sure to listen to more of his stuff.

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