Thursday, October 26, 2017

Jerry Williams - Velcro

"I'm stuck to you like honey, you could be sweet like cinnamon"
Ethereal. Airy. Sublime. Jerry Williams has a voice that just floats in the atmosphere and feels like a cool breeze. I adore this song. It's very ephemeral and it lifts you up. It's a song that I feel is about longing and moving on from one experience to another. It's about creating connections and finding the ones in our lives that matter and make us better people. We develop relationships and we build a lifetime of experiences that help us be the people we were meant to be.
The song is slow and syrupy like honey. It just meanders and you just get caught up in it. It's a beautiful song and I adore how every so often you can hear Jerry's accent punctuate syllables. It's not often that you hear a song that's got everything in it. Minimalistic production that highlights Jerry's vocals, lyrics that evoke emotion, and an artist that knows exactly what she's doing in the realm of her art. This song is gorgeous and I can't wait to hear more from her. 

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