Monday, October 9, 2017

Frida Sundemo - Gold

I first wrote about Frida four years ago. It makes me so happy to see that she's still releasing music that is good and creative and fresh. I love her voice. Have since I first heard it. You know that I love music from Sweden and Frida is a prime example of how great music from Sweden can be. It's passionate and it's easy. It's not overworked and it's not over produced. We, in America, would consider an EDM artist but she's a pop star and should be treated as such. I think the small quiet moments in her voice are what make me the happiest with her. She has such an expressive quality to her voice that you don't hear in the swath of "indie" singers today. She stands apart from the crowd and her production team knows how to properly utilize her instrument. There's a theatrical quality to what she puts out and the way the song builds and swells into an experience and then slowly fades out is pretty incredible.

This song is a single off her latest album, "Flashbacks and Futures" and it's inspired by space with a little science fiction thrown in. The video has been met by continued high critical praise, with the likes of Clash featuring it as their Track Of The Day saying, "The record is a superbly creative piece of pop innovation... 'Gold' is just wonderful, recalling everyone from Pet Shop Boys to The Knife in its sheer sonic splendour... The visuals deftly expand on this, conjuring visions of intergalactic solitude."

Make sure you check out the video and give her a follow on social media. She's an incredible artist and she's got longevity and staying power that a lot of up and coming pop stars don't in the industry today.

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