Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Jake Shears - Creep City

It is indeed a glorious Halloween for me. Not only do we have a new track by Ana Matronic but a new single by Jake Shears. I was lucky enough to be at the first date of his limited American tour during the summer so I got to hear a lot of his new music and this was not one of the tracks he played that night. I'd damn sure remember that sexy sexy sax solo. Jake has been spending his time between Louisville Kentucky and New Orleans Louisiana and it's very apparent in the influences he's showing in his new music. It's like the muddy waters of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers are flowing through his blood and this music is about as American as you can get.

"Creep City" is full of metaphors and witty word play that you're used to hear from Jake's songwriting. It's a song about seeing yourself in a situation that you thought would be something more than it is but it ends up being a horrible place that you just need to get out of because it's smothering you and your creativity. It's about trying and giving the best you can to a situation you know is never going to change. It's not beneficial to you and it's time to get out. This song, like many that Jake has written, strikes a chord with me and hits pretty close to home. I cannot believe how much I missed having Jake in my life but it's true and he brings so much reflection to my experiences that I feel like he is one of the most important musical voices in my life. This song is funky and it's all Jake. It is so cool to hear new material from him.

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