Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Plan B - Heartbeat

As a long time Plan B fan, it's amazing to hear new music; specifically music that pushes him in a new and creative direction. He has proven time and again that there's not much he can't do, musically speaking that is. This soulful track is one of the most heartfelt I've heard from him in a while. His voice is great and the message that we have to just listen to ourselves and go our own way, no matter what is amazing. We have all made mistakes and we've all had to grow. The day we realize that we have our own path to carve out and walk away from those that don't want to see us do amazing things is one of the most powerful moments in our lives. It may take us years to reach that point but it is a magnificent turning point in our lives. I feel like Ben is always pushing himself and growing as an artist. From the Who Needs Actions days til now his growth is undeniable. I came in on Strickland Banks and I'm damn glad that I did. He's an amazing artist and I can't wait to hear this new album.

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