Thursday, October 26, 2017

Tyler Sarfert - Sorry Not Sorry & No Promises (f. Camille Peruto)

You know how I feel about covers. The artist covering the track has to bring something new and fresh to the production to even get me to listen to it. I don't want to hear a karaoke version of someone else's song. Then there's how I feel about mashups. They ALSO have to bring something original to the table so to have me posting about a cover/mashup; it must mean that I enjoyed it. And in this case, I did. A lot. It's Tyler's voice. It's got an edge to it and I love to hear that smokiness to a singer's voice. Camille is amazing too. She stands as an equal with Tyler and they work amazingly well together. I hope to hear original tunes from him soon because I feel like he's going to do fantastic when he's expressing his own art.  The cool thing about Tyler is that he is an absolute go-getter. He has spent the last two years writing and recording ALL the vocals and instruments for his debut EP, "Transitions". I feel like he's got the talent to hopefully get him recognized very soon as it's important to have artists with fresh potential and ideas.

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