Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Chelsea Jade - I Have (ft. Signal)

We've all felt small. We've all felt like we were being judged and treated less than and there are times when those feelings can seem like all we have in our life but if we dig deep inside and find that voice that will lead us out of the dark, we can stand tall and strong. Chelsea Jade is giving light to those feelings. Taking the stigma out of talking about that doubt and fear is the first step in holding your head high and being proud of where you're at in life. These aren't generally the thoughts and ideas we expect to be sung about but when they are handled as expertly as they are with "I Have", it has the power to open a dialog and give power back to those that have had the power taken from them.

I was first made aware of Chelsea as a guest vocalist on grime artist Signal's track, "Basic" and now he has repaid the favor by providing a rap on this track. His particular brand of lyricism is amazing as his flow is creative and easy. His word play is thoughtful and intelligent and creates an experience within the song. He and Chelsea pair well together as they both flow across the beat like a leaf on the wind. They have an atmospheric quality to both of their styles that pair well together like they've been doing this as a group for years. Sometimes when you have a guest vocalist, it can sound gimmicky and neither one of them do on their respective tracks. They feel like they are the missing puzzle piece that bring it all together. I look forward to hearing more from both artists separately as well as together.

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