Friday, March 22, 2013

Sergey Lazarev - Cure The Thunder (featuring T-Pain)

Sergey is one of my favorite male pop stars. He has an amazing stage presence and has no problems delivering the song he's singing. The fact that English is his second language has never appeared to be an issue for him and he has an amazing command over English language concepts and ideas. The fact that he has T-Pain in this song and video blows my mind because that can only be a sign for even bigger things to come for him. Maybe an American release of an album.

My question is, thought, what ever happened to the "Take it Off" video. He posted a behind the scenes video and then the actual official video never came out. Anyway, this track and video are super cool and it shows that he has a little bit of an edge to his voice. Not exceptionally sure what's happening in the video but all the people are pretty. What do you think?

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