Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Delta Rae - If I Loved You (feat. Lindsay Buckingham)

It's hard to make a claim as to which song on Carry The Fire evokes the most emotion but right at the top is the honest, heartfelt ballad, "If I Loved You".  Liz expresses what so many of us have felt at one point in time or another.  There's someone you want to love because they are deserving of your love but it's just not there or there's someone that wants you to love them but you just can't give them what they need.  In this track, you hear every vulnerable moment in Liz's voice and each subtle nuance is uttered with purpose and drive.

Nothing is wasted in this song or video.  It's simple and stark just like the song.  The video is just a performance piece set against a black backdrop of the group.  Nothing flashy or over the top, just honest.  What's cooler still is that in this version of the song, the guys and gals are joined by Lindsay Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac.  I can only imagine the meeting that happened when Delta Rae got to meet one of their biggest idols.

"If I Loved You" is the fourth single off Carry the Fire which is available at all fine music retailers across the country and internet alike.  Go buy it, it's totally worth it.  And I'm not biased in the least bit.

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