Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Korr-a - Fiyacraka

I don't generally write about club tracks but something about this one has compelled me to do so.  Korr-a (Kristina Korban) is a Ukrainian born musician, actress, model and movie producer that in working with Dave Aude has created a banging club track that is actually pretty special.  I think what it does and does right is the use of positive vs negative audio space.  Her vocals aren't all over the track and she's not trying to be cute, she's just handling her business and owning this track.

The video is chocked full of amazing dancing and my favorite part actually happens close to the end when the group is together.  I want to hear this track in a club where it's loud and it becomes part of you when the bass hits you in the chest.  That's when it truly comes to life, when it's sitting in your lungs and helps you breathe.

I want to hear more from this multi-talented entrepreneur and will keep you posted.

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