Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dubelius - Sophisticated Cupboard Elephants

My pal from the United Arab Emirates, Dubelius is back with another amazing dubstep track.  What I can say and know for a fact is that if he continues making music like this, my faith in this genre is going to be quickly restored.  The glitch and the wobble in this track are sick and when it's pared with that vocal sample this track is elevated to something more than just simple dubstep.  He knows how to tack and build a track that is interesting without sounding too repetitive or making something simply for the sake of making a dubstep track.  I think if given the opportunity, he is going to make big things happen because he has an ear for it.  What I want to hear from him is a remix or two.  Take something that's out there right now and make it something totally new and fresh because I think he can do that without issue.

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