Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kendall - Deeper Than Blue

I've been threatening myself with writing reviews of Kendall's albums, I just seem to never get around to it. I love Kendall, I think not only is he a talented artist - damn talented at that, I think he is gorgeous and a damn fine showman. I've been a fan of his since I saw the video for Hip Hop Dykes years ago on youtube and haven't stopped internet stalking him since. I've read his Livejournal, his myspace, his facebook and his youtube channel because of how impressed I am with him. I will get around to writing those reviews of Ain't Love Queer/Plain White Rapper, Making Love to the Radio and Truth Changes but for now I need to talk about this new single.

I will say this, I love his tracks like Hip Hop Dykes and Heterosexual Sex and Skip on the Record but the tracks that leave me speechless like Spiders, Truth Changes and God in Two Persons are the ones that I always come back to. So back to the new single, Deeper than Blue. I don't really know where to start. I think it's with the minimalist concept for the video. Not only is Kendall baring his soul in the lyrics, he's baring his body as well. Strip away everything that gives him protection and all you have is a man. I think that each of us can find the place that Kendall is talking about and we all have some experience with the feelings he is sharing. How can you love someone that won't love themselves? How can you expect someone to be willing to accept your heart when they freeze you out in the heat or burn you in the cold.

This song is going to be with me for months to come because it has touched me so deeply. I think it takes a special person to be able to do that as well. Give it a listen and see how it makes you feel.


  1. I just recently found Kendall on Facebook and I have loved his music every since. Deeper then Blue is such a beautiful song and invokes many emotions for me. I can't wait till the day when I can say I knew Kendall the huge star when.

  2. This one is awesome. I also love Truth Changes and Spiders, and I keep hearing about "God In Two Persons" but I connot find anywhere... I cannot associate it with any album, it is not on itunes...
    How could I get that song?


  3. God in Two Persons used to be on Kendall's website. I will contact him and see if he will make it available again.