Saturday, January 22, 2011

Colton Ford - Innocent

Innocent (Taylor Swift Cover)

Push aside the distinguished salt and pepper hair. Nevermind the perfect pec and body chiseled out of marble. What is deceptively amazing about our friend Mr. Ford is that beneath all of the polished gorgeousness is a set of vocal cords that can do amazing things. He has released 2 albums, Tug of War and Under the Covers and both cater heavily to the circuit crowd. There's nothing wrong with that but when you actually have the talent to pull off vocals that don't need all the retooling and editing, I don't see why you do it. Now before we get too deep, realize that Colton is a man with a past. A past he'll talk about openly, but a past none the less. You see our friend was an adult film star and made well over 20 films before hanging up his jock strap and lube to follow his passion and become a recording artist. Now this is tricky because his past is going to follow him no matter where he goes so instead of ditching his stage name for a new one, he embraces it and pushes forward. I am a fan of Colton. Hands down. I dig his music, his image and everything that goes with it. What I like the most about him is his unprocessed vocals like you find all over the majority of the 2 studio albums. The single above is on neither album and I dig the hell out of it. It showcases his vocals and proves that he is more than just a pretty, well defined and chiseled face. It is a cover of a Taylor Swift song (I've never heard it so it's new to me) and I am damn pleased with it.

Most people find him to be hit or miss because of how over processed some of his tracks are but give these 2 a listen. Ashes to Ashes is my favorite off of the Under the Covers album and I think he is more than someone to create the soundtrack for the White Party.

Ashes to Ashes (Faith No More Cover)

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