Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kendall - Darker Than Black

The pace isn't breakneck but there's something that isn't trustworthy about the tempo. It has a general uneasiness to it that makes this song just a little bit dangerous. The beat throbs and pulses and takes you about as far as you can get from Deeper Than Blue. It almost seems as if this song is dragging you forward, pulling you by the hand as you both run from some unseen terror but it still maintains the thoughtfulness and raw power that the previous track from 11 had. You have to get away but there are things that can never be unseen or unheard. It seems if regardless of how much you need to be heard you fall upon deaf ears or perhaps your ears are those that aren't going to hear what is being forced upon you to hear. It's not that you don't want to hear it but maybe you've heard it one too many times or maybe what's being said is more than you can bear to hear. You run from it, if only in your mind. You try to get as far away as you can so that you are able to protect yourself from getting hurt again. Or it could be about Safeway being out of Gatorade.

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