Saturday, July 16, 2016

Rica Shay - Turn This

You may remember Rica Shay from 'Summertime Realness' by Big Dipper. I was a huge fan of him then and all I can say with this new single is GOD DAMN. This song is FIRE. I haven't heard something hit this hard in a long time and from an openly gay rapper. This is the real deal. His flow is so dumb. He is just spitting shit all over this track and my mouth is just open. This is hyper aggro and it's so fucking great. Post Apocalytic Balls are going to use this for Thunderdome style vogue battles. Not old way or new way but the only way. Rica Shay is killed me and I am dead. I am writing this from the other side as he has brought me back and given me life. That bassline. That flow. Those visuals. The video is hot. He's hot. The whole thing. I can't speak any higher than I have. He's is everything.

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